April 19 2017

get in line for great deals on knives

Knifewear’s (10820 82 Avenue, 587-521-2034, knifewear.com) Garage Sale starts April 24. Get in line (the store opens at 10am) for great buys on all sorts of knives and knife paraphernalia. If last year’s sale was any indication, there will be some amazing deals.

open table diners pick the glass monkey

Kudos to The Glass Monkey (5842 111 Street, 780-760-2228, theglassmonkey.ca). Open Table Canada diners have named it one of the 150 Best Neighbourhood Gems. Good stuff!

call it bender week

Here’s another chance to have dinner with Andreas Bender, Holts Café (2nd floor, Manulife Place,780-425-5300), on Thursday, May 4, 6pm. This menu explores the tastes of spring with Bender’s Paulessen Zenit, I Love Mosel Riesling, Rotwein and Gewurz. TIX: $75/p+, call 780-425-5300 ext. 62903. We have been enjoying chef Julia Kundera’s food since the days of Two Rooms on Whyte Avenue. Julia’s food with Andreas’ wine?  Giddy up!

scottish, uh, cuisine?

If you thought Scottish and cuisine together in a sentence created an oxymoron, chef Richard Toll is here to show us that no, there are some tasty things from Scotland (besides whisky, of course). Join him in a Pantree (#550, 220 Lakeland Drive, Sherwood Park, 780-464-4631, www.thepantree.ca) cooking class, Monday, May 2 from 6:pm – 9pmTIX: $95+, http://register.thepantree.ca/confirm.php?id=274&title=Traditional+Scottish.

love them bubbles

Indulge in your love of bubbles at a three-course dinner dedicated to the delicious sparkling wines of Napa Valley’s Chandon, at Ampersand 27 (10612 82 Avenue, 780-757-2727), ampersand27.com, Wednesday, April 26, 6:30pm. Special guest is Chandon’s winemaker, Pauline Lhote. TIX: $65/p, https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/chandon-wine-makers-dinner-tickets-33319550673